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A contract for the difference between varied types of assetsCFDs

35+ International & UK awards for three consecutive years (2014、2015、2016、2017) in the magazine
award by "the best financial service platform"
Global traderBest choice
The platform with equal emphasis on reliability and security can perform diversified transaction
management at the same time and discover the benefits of the best financial service platform
Free Commission transactions multiple futures, commodities, bonds
and metals
Poly global wealth and win-win investment
of one hundred billion

3000+ growing clients / 26 senior brokers / 10 years international
operations experience

To provide individual investors with access to the world capital markets, to follow the pace of modern
technology and to adopt the most advanced trading software services!
Reasons for choosing PHS
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Safety supervision

Your financial security is our top priority

As a global financial service provider, PHS is committed to creating a secure trading environment for investors, ensuring the best interests of investors, strict financial agreements, and ensuring your safety, investment and confidence.
PHS platform features
MetaTrader 4 PC

MetaTrader 4 is the world's most popular foreign exchange trading platform. Super operating function, minimalist user interface, are tailored for global investors. Through the MetaTrader 4 platform, traders can enjoy transparent and competitive spreads, as well as high-quality transaction execution.

MAM multi account management

Set up specifically for fund managers, allowing fund managers to manage multiple MT4 trading accounts simultaneously, and quickly execute technical orders for large numbers of customer orders. In the case of customer authorization, the fund manager can easily complete a large order of transactions and automate distribution to each client's account by simply clicking on the management account.

MetaTrader 4 Mobile platform

MetaTrader 4 mobile platform allows you wherever you are, you can experience the unlimited fun of trading anytime and anywhere. PHS provides you with the most advanced portable trading system, you can easily view real-time price and transaction dynamics, improve your account usage.

PHS web platform

Do you want to download the client? Or not in front of a personal computer? That's all right. PHS provides you with a web version of the trading platform, you can use any browser in the world, any computer, enter your account information can be traded, enjoy the freedom of bondage is not bound.

Powerful market analysis tools


A powerful analysis software developed by the Russian mathematician team, all real trading accounts are free to use, perfect to enhance your trading experience in PHS.

MT4 suspension window plugin

Designed for multiple screens, designed to provide a clear and complete picture of professional traders and master the dynamics of the market. PHS real account funds of not less than 500 U. s.dollars can be free to use.

Trading Central

It is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and reliable technical analysis tools in the world. Whether you have any trading experience or not, it can help you make informed trading decisions. Our real transaction account will be free to use this powerful daily analysis tool.

Professional analyst team

PHS is a powerful team of analysts will provide customers daily analysis of the pulse of the market, financial analysis report, written comments to the market changes and technology firm, from a professional perspective is more comprehensive, more in-depth and more special analysis of the trend of the financial market to help customers.