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Headquartered in London, the global financial center, SCANDIUMFX is based in London, serving the world and has offices in Australia, Hongkong and New Zealand, and has twelve strategic partners worldwide. The group founded in the last century at the beginning of 70s, with Hongkong with the growth of financial enterprises, SCANDIUMFXsingle financial products from the beginning of the development to the present foreign exchange, stock index, crude oil and precious metals such as a full range of investment products. Group of technology and services through more than 40 years of precipitation, will provide you with the most competitive financial products and services, to achieve the company and your win-win situation. SCANDIUMFX not only UK financial behavior management (FCA), but also by New Zealand (FSC) and Australia (ASIC) authorized and regulatory, can maximize the protection of customer financial security. As of today, SCANDIUMFX has become one of the world's largest Internet foreign exchange dealers.



SCANDIUMFX technology R & D team of 80% more than fifteen years of practical experience, and from various professional fields of the industry, build with an international vision of global economic analysts, top derivatives traders, senior bankers, trading system experts to professional bodies such as investment advisers, its use in all aspects of banking, capital markets, investment, commodity futures, gold and silver wealth management and other rich industry knowledge and experienced market experience, committed to product development and upgrade services, strive for every corner of the world to provide investors with a full range of investment services, to provide all-weather products and service, let the customer even if at any time any region, also get the best quality service, the most reassuring security, the leading trade advantage.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of the emerging Asian financial markets, group to grasp the market, thanks to the community, will vigorously develop and contribute to the Asian market, especially Chinese mainland market, SCANDIUMFX will provide more features and more professional investment banking services for everyone. Believe that SCANDIUMFX provides you with intimate professional services, complete investment products, strict supervision and flexible operation, help you wealth to the next floor!

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