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SCANDIUMFX US NFA Regulatory Number: 0518701


What is American NFA:

NATIONAL FUTURES ASSOCIATION, referred to as NFA. The National Futures Association of the United States (NFA) is a self-regulatory organization of the futures industry established in 1976 in accordance with Section 17 of the Commodity Exchange Act of the United States. It is a non-profit membership organization. The main function of NFA is to enforce strict management in order to make NFA members strictly abide by federal laws and CFTC rules.
NFA duties
Auditing and supervising members must meet the financial requirements of NFA;
Establishing and enforcing rules and standards to protect customers'interests;
Arbitration of disputes related to futures;
Examination and approval of NFA membership, futures agents (FCMs), introductory brokers (IBs), commodity trading Consultants
Both CTAs and CPOs can become members of the NFA.
Regulatory Description:
The American Futures Association (AFA) carries out strict federal supervision and compliance audits on all companies engaged in financial services. According to the different businesses of each company, AFA has formulated specific and meticulous supervision categories, each of which should meet the corresponding regulatory threshold and comply with the corresponding regulatory requirements. The strict regulatory system ensures that all financial companies registered in the United States and those engaged in financial business will operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the NFA to ensure that investors'rights and interests are protected. This license is CPO Fund/Fund Pool Operating Agency License, CTA Fund Manager/Investment Advisory Agency License, which can trade funds, foreign exchange and other derivatives.
Despite such strict supervision, SCANDIUMFX, as an old regulatory platform, has been strictly abiding by the regulatory standards in the past few decades and has never had any bad records. After numerous communications and reforms with major regulatory departments, the group has continued to develop and gained the trust of investors, including the operational strength and platform qualification.
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