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Our advantage


Global investment expert
SCANDIUMFX has been devoted to the development of global investment opportunities for customers, customers include the world's largest investment banks, hedge funds, heavyweight institutional clients to individual investment clients, fully meet customer of global investment products in a variety of unique needs. With a clear and broad vision of global investment, our quality and excellent service have been unanimously recognized by our customers, and the volume of business has maintained steady growth, and the achievements have been outstanding.

Excellent reputation
The effective implementation of the code of the securities and Investment Commission, under its supervision, the quality of service, customer agrees with industry and regulatory agencies; and at the same time to provide customers with the financial services compensation plan of $1 million transaction security. From strict reputation certification, to every customer's appreciation, is to promote the success of SCANDIUMFX  an encouragement.

Optimal transaction cost
SCANDIUMFX offers a competitive buy / sell price for all customers at low to very low, small to medium industry, regardless of the size of the position, are able to enjoy the lowest transaction costs; we provide a maximum of 400 times leverage margin trading services, margin occupied less, capital is more flexible; the transaction amount is low, you can open an account of $50 and enjoy the benefits of low transaction cost and high flexibility of capital.

Capital security
All customer funds are deposited in the famous world bank trust account, complete separation of funds and the company, unless the customer authorized, otherwise the company will not use the funds in the accounts, and by the British regulators strict supervision, periodic review of accounts and report to the relevant authorities.

Cohesion strength
SCANDIUMFX has a professional and strong management team, the management of most of the members have more than 10 years experience in the market, the professional category and from each industry of the highest standard, together with an international vision of global economic analysts, top derivatives traders, senior bankers, trading system experts to professional bodies such as investment advisers, with rich experience and exquisite the technology advantage, strength and good reputation, has been leading the industry, repeated success.

Guidance profession
SCANDIUMFX provides endless diversity of professional knowledge and information, so that customers continue to accumulate investment skills, real-time grasp market trends; with simple trading platform to understand video presentation, detailed guidance on operation process, help customers successful investment.


Network security
SCANDIUMFX uses encryption technology, through VeriSign authentication and other authentication protocols and firewall devices to protect all customers transaction information and records. SCANDIUMFX uses backup systems and contingency plans to minimize the impact of system failures on customers. Once the server has problems, all positions, stop orders, and transaction records are stored in our backup system. All instructions remain in effect until the customer cancels.

Real time trading of foreign exchange and differential contracts
SCANDIUMFX trading platform provides $straight plate and cross disc variety of major currencies and precious metals gold and silver contracts for difference (CFD), the world stock index futures, crude oil trading, variety, easy access to financial markets, more profit opportunities.


Chart combination
The trading platform integrated chart directly quotes the data from the gold SCANDIUMFX trading platform, with over 40 personalized technical indicators set and closely aligned with every movement of the market.


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