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Global stock index & crude oil

Index is the most popular trading style in contract trading. SCANDIUMFX offers from around the world for you to choose index trading, including the Nasdaq 100 index NAS100, the S & P 500 index SPX500, the Dow Jones index US30, Germany to GER30, the Nikkei index JPN225, the Shanghai Composite Index China.
The stock index is an indicator of whether the market is doing well. The Dow Jones industrial average, for example, is based on the blue chip benchmark on which the stock exchange is listed, through which market sentiment can be observed. Any change in the value of any constituent stock will be reflected in the change in the overall value of the index.
The advantage of index trading is that you can observe a wide range of market changes, not every stock.


Index difference -CFD

SCANDIUMFX provides all of the index's most competitive buying and selling spreads, and the following table shows the lowest spreads we have selected for the global index.
Please note: this table shows the lowest possible trading point of these indices during the trading period at the opening hours of the relevant market. But spreads may widen in related market markets or in extended trading periods.



Index trading example

Buy Dow Jones US30
open a granary to provide relief
The Dow Jones US30 index in the United States is 17578/17581. You think blue chip is undervalued, so you decided to buy 2 hands at 17581. (one hand, 1 points equals 10 dollars). Index trading does not charge commission.
When the price of the Dow Jones US30 index is higher than your own buying price by 17581, you earn $20, which is less than your own buying price of 17581, and you lose $20 a point.
Close a position
Four days later, the Dow Jones US30 index has risen to 17678/17681, and you have decided to open 2 positions at 17678 points to reap profits.
The gross margin for your transaction is as follows:
Open price
17581 (buy)
close rate
17678 (sold)
Harvest points
Gross profit
97 point x 2 hand ($10 / point) = $1940
In order to calculate the net profit, the financing interest or dividend adjustment fee must be included. Interest on finance arises every day, but is calculated only when buying stock index and not at the time of selling.
It should be known that if the market moves contrary to your trading, your loss may exceed your initial margin.

Contract rules
For more information on the SCANDIUMFX index, trading times and spreads, see the more detailed contract specifications.

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