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Noble metal

On the SCANDIUMFX platform, three important commodities, gold, silver and crude oil, can be traded. Among them, gold and silver are both savings value, but also belong to the safe haven assets. They are an important investment option to balance the portfolio, and can be used to combat the market risks of inflation or other uncertainties. And crude oil is mainly affected by political factors and supply and demand, the market is relatively simple in other terms, easy to grasp the trend, but also a better value-added hedging tools, can be used to hedge risks. Traders can use margin accounts on the SCANDIUMFX platform to trade these products.

· Lower cost
Online trading commission is low, gold trading spreads as low as 0.5.
· Leverage effect
With only $1000 to buy a gold equivalent of 100 ounces, if the international price of gold rose 10 U. s.dollars, immediately profit of $1000, so that customers can more flexible use of funds.
· Real exchange rate
We specify that the account currency is US dollars, and if the clients in Asia use RMB to exchange the funds, they will not charge any fees according to the real exchange rate.
· Convenient and quick
Online trading platform provides free real-time quote 24 hours. Customers can always carry out real-time market price or commissioned two-way trading through the online trading platform.
· Service commitment
Any time you can apply for withdrawals online, withdrawals without an upper limit! The application process is simple and quick, usually within 1 working days, depending on your bank arrangement.
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