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Foreign exchange

The foreign exchange market is the world's most active, liquid and the largest financial market in the world. Participants include banks, financial institutions, companies, retail investors and so on. According to the bank for International Settlements BIS 2016 survey, the global foreign exchange market daily trading volume up to 5 trillion dollars, in such a large volume of transactions, no power can intervene or around the market, which is the world's fair and transparent market. In addition, it can carry on 24 hours long and short two-way trading, and leverage leverage mechanism to "small broad", it can be said that the world's most continuous and flexible financial transactions.


You will benefit a lot from doing Forex trading in PHASESMARKETS:


Fair and equitable, SCANDIUMFX SCANDIUMFX  is the UK government approved financial services provider (FCA), to ensure that the transaction is absolutely fair, fair and open!
Flexible trading, foreign exchange transactions can buy up or fall; the maximum leverage of up to about 400:1; minimum transaction 0.01 hand, allowing you to more accurate trading unit for each hand investment, optimize risk management.
Low cost online trading commissions low; a $100 minimum deposit to all transaction currency; at the same time, we provide competitive discounts at; let you deal with lower cost.
Convenient and quick online trading platform, offering free real-time quote 24 hours. Customers can always carry out the real-time market or commissioned two-way trading through the online trading platform.
The service commitment can be applied online at any time and there is no ceiling for withdrawals! The application process is simple and quick, usually within 1 working days, depending on your bank arrangement

What is a margin?
Your margin can be understood as investors in the transaction, the need to maintain the position of the deposit is not a transaction cost. You only need to deposit equivalent to contracts worth a small part of the funds, you can open the transaction. The rational use of leverage can increase capital flexibility and increase returns.
Maximum 400 times leverage
With a minimum margin of $100, you can trade all currencies. The maximum leverage factor is up to 400:1, making your trading more flexible.
Brief margin requirement
The fixed initial margin requirements we set up can avoid complicated calculation steps. You only need to look under the table, you can understand each currency needed to open deposit, simple and clear.

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