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Competitive spreads
Our offer is very competitive and stable and transparent. Over the past ten years, we have been working on the development of pricing techniques and the establishment of a deep circulation network through banking partners to maintain low margin for our clients.


Price optimization opportunity
As the market moves in your favor, our trading technology can automatically execute your transactions at a better price, thinking you save costs. In 2013, the 65% limit order price was optimized.

High quality transaction execution
Like the low point, a high level of transaction execution can also affect transaction returns. PHASESMARKETS automation performs every aspect of the transaction process without any human impact to protect your transactions in an instant at your request or at a better price.

"More than 99.8% of our transactions can be executed within 1 second, with an average execution speed of only 1/7000000 seconds. "

Advantages of market makers
We serve you as a market maker and take pride in it. We firmly believe that through this model, we can provide you with low transaction costs, high quality transaction execution, and excellent customer service.
No matter how some competitors describe, the identity of the market maker does not mean that we selectively accept orders, nor does it mean that our trading desks are able to manipulate quotations or the speed at which transactions are executed. We operate in a highly regulated environment where transactions and enforcement are strictly monitored. At the same time, the transaction process is fully automated, without any human factors. We offer the price you can trade and execute the transaction promptly and accurately. The certainty of this price is very few other dealers can do.

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