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MetaTrader 4 has established itself as an industry standard position. By combining the intuitive user interface with a rich, customizable environment, MT4 provides traders with everything they need to chart assets, place orders, and manage their positions. With the company's advanced trading infrastructure, competitive pricing and foreign exchange agency models, you have one of the most powerful online forex trading portfolios. She offers FX, futures, selected stock and spot metal difference contracts through MetaTrader 4. SCANDIUMFX MT4 also welcomes algorithmic traders. Combine MT4 and Expert Advisors to automate your transactions

MetaTrader4 has three different chart types, 9 time frame, 50 kinds of pre installed technical indicators and can be fully customized interface; it allows you to accurately monitor the market arrangement, each time you enter and exit the market time perfectly.

Main features Dealing with foreign exchange, metals, stocks, indices, energy and agricultural products Partial execution Intelligent transaction equipment Tradable Mini Hand


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