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Using STP-ECN trading technology, customer orders through the STP bridge anonymously directly on the ECN matching transaction system, the system integrates all the sources of SCANDIUMFX , offer a number of international banks, and the qualification of excellent liquidity providers (LP), investment banks, hedge funds and other traders, all are integrated in the in the system of customer orders, regardless of size, all in accordance with the 100% principles of time, optimal price and execution speed automatic brokered transactions.

In the process, customer orders are not subject to any interference from the third parties, and are fair and transparent. And the order processing speed is quick, can in the closest market value category immediate transaction. Even during a period of intensive trading, orders are generally not subject to repeated quotations.


Fluid filling


SCANDIUMFX  MT4 platform quoted from a number of global liquidity provider, including the world's top banks, LP, ECN and other real-time integrated platform. Thanks to the ECN match system, these will provide liquidity in order to obtain the circulation among more price competition, so when the customer transactions in SCANDIUMFX MT4 platform, can enjoy floating at the operation can be best quote and ultra-thin, thus effectively reducing the transaction cost.

In addition, customers through the SCANDIUMFX  MT4 platform can monitor the market depth in real time, and before placing an order, the market structure of the transaction products and the implementation of an expected judgment. At present, the SCANDIUMFX MT4 platform monthly trading volume has reached as high as 300 thousand standard, whether hedge funds, proprietary institutions, or scalping trader, SCANDIUMFX  is confident to bring customers the robust smooth trading experience.


Top server


In order to give traders provide high-speed and stable trading environment, SCANDIUMFX  has invested a lot of energy and money in infrastructure, the main server is hosted in Equinix NY4 New York data center, the center is a collection of international banks, investment banks, hedge funds and other financial giant Daikin financial ecosystem, within 10 milliseconds can be is the world's most important commercial market. It is thanks to this, SCANDIUMFX  will be transferred to the customer order is located in Hongkong, Taipei, Singapore, the proxy server end through the optical fiber network, and connection data in NY4, in order to make lower latency and speed the implementation of access brokered transactions. At the same time, it also solves the problem of the firewall in China, which allows the server to avoid external network interference, effectively maintain data security, and make price capture more accurate.

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