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Broker plan

As the most important in introducing brokers SCANDIUMFX  China business partners, we support the party to be introduced broker business, compared with other dealers, we have the advantage of There is nothing comparable to this in the following aspects:


1, Unmatched difference and commission advantage
SCANDIUMFX  spreads in all dealers and to introduce There is nothing comparable to this, but brokers to provide the most generous rebate, because we are connected to the world's top exchange technology and market advantages, can obtain lower transaction costs, at the same time we are willing to profit from our customers and partners.

2, Prudent, safe and flexible commission management
The financial operation of 
SCANDIUMFX  professionals can provide a stable, safe and flexible commission management for our introduction of business. SCANDIUMFX   provides commission management accounts for each presentation broker. You can implement commissions, daily, weekly and monthly billing methods as you require. You may choose to pick up or run your commission at any time.

3, Professional, comprehensive introduction broker service support
With many years of experience in global business promotion, 
SCANDIUMFX provides professional and effective service support for different countries. At the same time, SCANDIUMFX will continue to share the promotion and maintenance experience at various business levels, providing a variety of unique and professional mode of operation, easy to introduce economists effectively control their own market risk.

4, Accurate, powerful and continuous marketing
SCANDIUMFX understands the specificity and professionalism of the financial derivatives market. On a global scale, SCANDIUMFX has been active in major summits, media, and the latest financial information promotion. In the promotion of self brand at the same time, but also for each person concerned about the SCANDIUMFX to bring the best quality service feedback.
At the same time, according to the market demand of different regions in the world, and with the local introduction of broker promotion plan, 
SCANDIUMFX constantly seeks and implements regional promotion plan to help brokers effectively develop the market.


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