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Trading leverage is a very important concept in foreign exchange trading, but many foreign exchange investors don't know much about it.

At present, in the foreign exchange market, the margin trading model is usually adopted to provide investors with a small trading style. The so-called "margin" means the use of leverage to improve the purchasing power of investors. A friend of consultation in foreign exchange trading, whether leverage more, earn more money? The answer is negative, in foreign exchange margin trading, the leverage ratio and the size of the profit point Never mind only, and your deposit.

But investors need to understand is that you can expand the margin trading profit, can you losses like doing business, more money, you can enter a lot of different goods, when these products rise, you will naturally make money; but these goods in your price, more the goods you into it lost more. Therefore, investors must be careful to deal with the choice of leverage.

So, how do you change leverage on the SCANDIUMFX platform? I believe this is what many SCANDIUMFX customers want to know. Investors in the account, the system default is 200 times leverage, if you want to change the leverage in the days after the deal, can apply for a change to 100 or 400 times, the specific methods are as follows:
Open MT4 platform, login account, and then in the "terminal" column of the "company" option to find "apply for change leverage ratio" button, click to load the page to change the lever. The need to fill out the real account and password, and then select 100 or 400 times, note that although there are in the leverage ratio of 50 times leverage, but may not be the final acceptance, because for most traders account for the UK accounts can only be traded through 100 times, 200 times and 400 times the lever.
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